THE SAINTS WON THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been a Saints fan all of my life and words can’t express how great it is that they just won. I only wish I was down in NOLA right now celebrating with the masses. Mardi Gras is going to be great.


Something has happened tonight that I never thought I would see in my lifetime…..SAINTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL.       WAHOOOOOOO

Miami watch out for Who Dat Nation……   GEAUX SAINTS.

**the picture in my header is of the French Quarter.  I can guarantee it is not that docile tonight.  It would be so much fun to be there right now.  🙂

C is 1 year old

Well, she turned one on the 10th but we have been very busy.

Anyway, what is she up to these days:

*standing on her own… not walking yet but can stand forever

*says “uh oh” and “out” (as in take the toys out of the bin)

*going through terrible seperation anxiety right now.  I can’t leave the room without crying

*loving life…she is such a happy toddler (yes, I said it – toddler)

*ate a cracker and pretzel…that may not sound like a big deal but she refuses to eat anything besides baby food.  ECI is actually coming out next week for OT.

*her favorite game is taking toys in and out of containers

*waiving hello and good bye

*playing peek a boo

*reads books to anyone who will listen

*still very tactile

Now for the fun part, the pictures…



our first family picture one year later

our first family picture one year later

10 months old

Earlier this week C turned 10 months old.  She has grown so much over the last few weeks.

What’s new with C:

*crawling all over the place…she loves to follow us around the house

*pulling up and cruising …she prefers to be standing

*really showing her personality…I think she and I may be butting heads in the future

*still very social

*refuses to hold a bottle and eat anything but baby food…actually this morning she refused to eat anything but her bottle.  😦  She has figured out how to either scraped the food off of her tongue with her top teeth or just stick out her tongue and let it fall out.  Isn’t that lovely!

*laughs at everything

*LOVES her big brother

No new stats to report this month but she is only in 12 month clothes now.

We also baptized C last month, and it was great to celebrate with our wonderful family and friends.

Now for some pictures…..

Daddy and C after being baptized

Daddy and C after being baptized

the beginning of "real" crawling

the beginning of "real" crawling

card 137

card 147

card 142

Why is there always a catch?

I met with the private school (the principal and admission director) we are trying to get J into in the fall.  They both were very nice and going on and on as to how great my son is – which I already knew.  🙂   As we spent some time discussing which level they think J is best suited for (they don’t do grades by age only… it is based on developmental level and they group grades), I brought up that we are applying for financial aid and that will determine if we can send him there in the fall.  GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT…  we have to pay the registration fee before our financial aid application will be looked at.  One may ask well how bad can it be?  Oh about $3500.00 – non refundable.  So, when you ask and they tell you the annual tuition is $18,500.00 (which is what J’s will be – hence needing the financial aid) they really should just add the reg fee to the tuition and call it a day.

In other news, C turned 9 months old on the 10th.  🙂

Let me see what she is doing —

*  she began comando crawling on Friday

*  just today she began really talking up a storm

*  is cruising

*  is VERY determined.  when she sees something she wants nothing can get in her way… especially her brother

*  eating very well

*  has 2 bottom teeth and a corner of her top left tooth has cut through

*  weighs 17lbs 4 ozs (25%), 27 inches long (50%)

How things have changed

I went w/ J to speech therapy this past week and had a long talk w/ his ST.  One thing she and I were talking about was how far he has come since she has been working with him.   He has come a long way but in the back of my head I kept thinking about how far he still needs to go.  Then this morning I was rereading one of my posts from just before we brought C home from the hospital,  I was floored at how far J has come with his speech in just 8 months.  He was not even putting 3 word spontaneous sentences together.  WOW, how quickly you forget.  He is now talking in sentences.  Short ones but sentences nonetheless (it is one word … I looked it up 🙂  ).

Speaking of speech.  We have had J in a speech camp for the month of June.  There is a private school here in Houston that focuses on pragmatic speech  (social speech).  Everything in the classroom is focused on speech.  The teachers/speech therapist us microphones to help with auditory processing, etc.   We hope for him to be able to go there for school this fall but we will just have to see if we get financial aid.  It is quite pricey… like double my mortgage every month.  That being said, they do offer generous scholarships that we can entertain affording.  So, we are praying that we qualify for one of those or maybe some where in the middle.

Is C too young for a tantrum???

C is 8 1/2 months old (7 months adjusted age and where she is developmentally) and I swear threw her first tantrum yesterday.  She LOVES our laptop.  She wants to sit and just bang away on it.  Well yesterday she wanted to look at the lights and bang on it but the battery was dead… translation a black screen.  She was trying her best to get it to light up and work.  Next thing I know she has thown herself down on my lap and crying.  Classic tantrum.  Isn’t she too young to be doing this????  I am in so much trouble.  🙂

Pictures from the courthouse

Heading upstair to the court room

Heading upstairs to the court room

Swearing we are who we say we are.  :)

Swearing we are who we say we are. 🙂

The Judge giving Claire a teddy bear

The Judge giving C a teddy bear

Our family with the Judge

Our family with the Judge

We’re official

Gotcha Day as some call it.  I personally am not a big fan of that saying, but I guess it will do until I think up something better.

Today at 9:05am the Judge made it official.  C is now legally our child.  It was short and sweet, but hubby and I were grining like idiots.  🙂

Want to share some good news

J graduated PreK last night.  I was so proud of him and the distance he has come in the last 5 years.  A long way from the grim outlook we got from the  doctor when I went into preterm labor; a long way from the medically fragile child we had for the first almost two years.  He still may not have conversation skills but he can read a mean book.  🙂  J-man I am so proud of you.  Keep up all the good work.  *As a little bit of an aside, J wanting to engage with other children has increased tremendously.  Again, J keep up the good work


We got some great news today.  Our court date is set for June 12, 2009.  So in 3 short weeks C will officially be ours.  🙂  I never thought it was a weight on my shoulders but I felt it lift when I read the email.

So, things are moving right along in our little world.