Want to share some good news

J graduated PreK last night.  I was so proud of him and the distance he has come in the last 5 years.  A long way from the grim outlook we got from the  doctor when I went into preterm labor; a long way from the medically fragile child we had for the first almost two years.  He still may not have conversation skills but he can read a mean book.  🙂  J-man I am so proud of you.  Keep up all the good work.  *As a little bit of an aside, J wanting to engage with other children has increased tremendously.  Again, J keep up the good work


We got some great news today.  Our court date is set for June 12, 2009.  So in 3 short weeks C will officially be ours.  🙂  I never thought it was a weight on my shoulders but I felt it lift when I read the email.

So, things are moving right along in our little world.


3 responses to “Want to share some good news

  1. CoNgRaTs ‘J’!!!!!!!!!!! Thats awesome and exciting news!

    And congrats to you and your upcoming court date! Ours is also in June and I cannot wait!!!

    Project Stormea

  2. Congrats on both fronts! Our lawyer said on Monday that he should be able to call us very soon, possibly today, with our court date. It’ll probably be late July. I, too, will be relieved!

  3. ours is June 11!!! congrats!!

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