How things have changed

I went w/ J to speech therapy this past week and had a long talk w/ his ST.  One thing she and I were talking about was how far he has come since she has been working with him.   He has come a long way but in the back of my head I kept thinking about how far he still needs to go.  Then this morning I was rereading one of my posts from just before we brought C home from the hospital,  I was floored at how far J has come with his speech in just 8 months.  He was not even putting 3 word spontaneous sentences together.  WOW, how quickly you forget.  He is now talking in sentences.  Short ones but sentences nonetheless (it is one word … I looked it up 🙂  ).

Speaking of speech.  We have had J in a speech camp for the month of June.  There is a private school here in Houston that focuses on pragmatic speech  (social speech).  Everything in the classroom is focused on speech.  The teachers/speech therapist us microphones to help with auditory processing, etc.   We hope for him to be able to go there for school this fall but we will just have to see if we get financial aid.  It is quite pricey… like double my mortgage every month.  That being said, they do offer generous scholarships that we can entertain affording.  So, we are praying that we qualify for one of those or maybe some where in the middle.


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