Why is there always a catch?

I met with the private school (the principal and admission director) we are trying to get J into in the fall.  They both were very nice and going on and on as to how great my son is – which I already knew.  🙂   As we spent some time discussing which level they think J is best suited for (they don’t do grades by age only… it is based on developmental level and they group grades), I brought up that we are applying for financial aid and that will determine if we can send him there in the fall.  GUESS WHAT I FOUND OUT…  we have to pay the registration fee before our financial aid application will be looked at.  One may ask well how bad can it be?  Oh about $3500.00 – non refundable.  So, when you ask and they tell you the annual tuition is $18,500.00 (which is what J’s will be – hence needing the financial aid) they really should just add the reg fee to the tuition and call it a day.

In other news, C turned 9 months old on the 10th.  🙂

Let me see what she is doing —

*  she began comando crawling on Friday

*  just today she began really talking up a storm

*  is cruising

*  is VERY determined.  when she sees something she wants nothing can get in her way… especially her brother

*  eating very well

*  has 2 bottom teeth and a corner of her top left tooth has cut through

*  weighs 17lbs 4 ozs (25%), 27 inches long (50%)


3 responses to “Why is there always a catch?

  1. A non-refundable fee of $3,500????? Wow, that is crazy!

  2. O.M.GOSH!!!! That’s outrageous!!!!

  3. Ugh, sorry about the ridiculous fees. Good grief!

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