10 months old

Earlier this week C turned 10 months old.  She has grown so much over the last few weeks.

What’s new with C:

*crawling all over the place…she loves to follow us around the house

*pulling up and cruising …she prefers to be standing

*really showing her personality…I think she and I may be butting heads in the future

*still very social

*refuses to hold a bottle and eat anything but baby food…actually this morning she refused to eat anything but her bottle.  😦  She has figured out how to either scraped the food off of her tongue with her top teeth or just stick out her tongue and let it fall out.  Isn’t that lovely!

*laughs at everything

*LOVES her big brother

No new stats to report this month but she is only in 12 month clothes now.

We also baptized C last month, and it was great to celebrate with our wonderful family and friends.

Now for some pictures…..

Daddy and C after being baptized

Daddy and C after being baptized

the beginning of "real" crawling

the beginning of "real" crawling

card 137

card 147

card 142


2 responses to “10 months old

  1. She is too cute!!! We should arrange a play date now that she’s so social and mobile.

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