C is 1 year old

Well, she turned one on the 10th but we have been very busy.

Anyway, what is she up to these days:

*standing on her own… not walking yet but can stand forever

*says “uh oh” and “out” (as in take the toys out of the bin)

*going through terrible seperation anxiety right now.  I can’t leave the room without crying

*loving life…she is such a happy toddler (yes, I said it – toddler)

*ate a cracker and pretzel…that may not sound like a big deal but she refuses to eat anything besides baby food.  ECI is actually coming out next week for OT.

*her favorite game is taking toys in and out of containers

*waiving hello and good bye

*playing peek a boo

*reads books to anyone who will listen

*still very tactile

Now for the fun part, the pictures…



our first family picture one year later

our first family picture one year later


2 responses to “C is 1 year old

  1. I can’t believe that she is 1….Jaxon will be there next month. My how time flies. ECI is working with Jaxon too….so far so good!

  2. oh yea….we have a new blog now…www.jordanandjaxonworld.blogspot.com

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